Melanotan-2 fat loss

From a series of lab tests on mice, it was deduced that the mice given the melanotan 2 injections had less quality of visceral and subcutaneous fat tissue by the end of the test period as compared to how they were before the test period. This observation was explained using the central melanocortin system and the α-MSH.

The alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone is among the family of bioactive peptides cleaved from pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC). It activates melanocortin-3 (MC3R) and melanocortin-4 (MC4R) receptors. These two receptors, MC3R and MC4R, are involved in the homeostatic regulation of food intake and energy expenditure. MC3R and MC4R are located downstream of leptin receptor activation.

The administration of Melanotan 2 evokes leptin-like anorectic responses that mediate body fat and weight loss. However, activation of the central melanocortin system can bypass leptin resistance, Melanotan 2 results to rapid attenuation of the suppression of food intake by suppressing your appetite. This results in weight loss.

Melanotan-2 peptides HubioPharm
Melanotan-2 peptides HubioPharm

Besides, further studies contacted to show that melanotan 2 browns the white subcutaneous fats and turns into beige fat, thus creating more tissue that turns fat into energy rather than storing it. Also, it increases the thermogenic capacity of the mitochondria in existing brown adipose tissue by boosting the levels of UCP1, which activates the calorie-burning mechanism.

Dark skin

Ultraviolet light (UV) especially UVB is an inducer of reactive oxygen species (ROS) as well as 6-4-photoproducts and cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPD) in the skin which cause further damage to skin cells and DNA damage.

These changes have adverse effects that include skin cancer and other pathologies. The nucleotide excision repair mechanism is responsible for the repair of photoproducts and removal of ROS or converting them to a less toxic product.

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Since the nucleotide excision repair is under constant exposure to oxidative stress caused by different environmental factors, melanocytes produce α-Melanocyte stimulating hormone involved in the regulation of skin color, melanin.

Since Melanotan 2 mimics α-MSH, it triggers the skin tanning process in which the melanocytes produce melatonin. Since tan is a body’s natural way of protecting its self against UVB, stimulation of melanogenesis is protection against skin cancer.

Melanotan 2 is stable and does not cause skin cancer. Modification of its structure, including replacement of oxidizable L-methionine with isosteric L-phenylalanine, and locking of linear peptide sequence in its biologically active conformation, has led to excellent metabolic stability and exceptional activity in skin darkening.


Getting the right dose of melanotan 2 injections has many benefits. It can help in appetite suppression, skin pigmentation. Also, it can result in increased libido in men.

However, taking any chemical supplement may lead to some side effects if not adequately considered. It’s best to consult your physician to be fully informed on the drug before using it.

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