Regarding peptides for muscle growth, many options are available. However, the most beneficial seem to be those that increase growth hormone in the body, such as using sermorelin bodybuilding peptides. This is because growth hormone is primarily important to muscle growth and cell production throughout our lives. But not all peptides need to be growth hormone secretagogues. Some of the ones listed below play a different role in muscle building.

Ipamorelin peptides HubioPharm
Ipamorelin peptides HubioPharm

CJC 1295 + Ipamorelin

You’re probably wondering why the combination of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin is something that can be constituted as one of the options of peptides for bodybuilding. This is best explaining what each one does. That way you can understand what is best when it comes to both together. CJC 1295 on its own is a synthetic analogue of growth hormone releasing hormone. In many cases, growth hormone boosting peptides help because they allow the body to increase lean muscle mass. As for ipamorelin, it also helps with increasing growth hormone. However, it works a bit different in that it takes the ghrelin route to get to increasing growth hormone. By combining these two you’re more likely to grow muscle faster and decrease overall body fat in the process.


Again, as previously mentioned, peptides that aid in the secretion of human growth hormone by default basically help increase muscle. This makes peptides like GHRP 6 perfect peptides for bodybuilding. In terms of GHRP 6 it is able to increase muscle mass and strength. It may also boost appetite for those looking to bulk up while they muscle up. As a beginning bodybuilder trying to eat more calories in a day this can definitely help you out.

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IFG1 LR3 peptides HubioPharm
IFG1 LR3 peptides HubioPharm


IGF or insulin like growth factor is one of the peptides for bodybuilding that doesn’t necessarily affect the growth hormone. Instead, it acts in a similar role to insulin and can even bind to these receptors. It has the ability to create anabolic effects and thereby increases muscle growth as well as cell growth within the body.

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