Spectros 140IU HGH USA warehouse

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Spectros 140IU HGH USA warehouse

Spectros HGH 140IU box includes: 10 vials x 14Iu per vial

Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharma

We ship Spectros HGH  – US domestic only via USPS (3-5 days)

Delivery without customs!

We accept: Bitcoin, Money Gram, Western Union, CashApp, Venmo.


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Spectros 140IU HGH USA warehouse

Spectros 140IU HGH USA warehouse
Spectros 140IU HGH USA warehouse

Benefits of HGH

  • Gains in dry muscle;
  • Hardening of the muscles
  • Muscle gains
  • Fat loss;
  • One cycle for the whole body.

HGH Anti-Aging Dosages

From a very low dose, HGH improves skin elasticity and internal organ health.
2-3 IU is enough to make you feel and look 5-10 years younger.
With this HGH dose, you should have no adverse effects and see results in 2 to 3 weeks.

HGH Dose Bodybuilders

Athletes need far more HGH. Depending on your goals, you have two choices:

For body composition, fat reduction, and muscle gain: 4-8 IU
15 IU for maximum muscle and strength development.

Simple as that. So a high dose of HGH for bodybuilding has no anti-aging effects? No way. You will still get all the HGH benefits, including better skin. However, large dosages are more likely to cause HGH adverse effects.


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    Wow, USA domestic safety & fast! Good quality and and customer service is awesome. Thanks!

    • steroidshub

      Thanks for your review! You are welcome! We have a Spectros 140IU HGH in USA warehouse!

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